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Damn the practical

Dear Adeline, Focus. Intention. Peaceful creativity. Bright red, white, green, blue – you swirl and mix these colors with intensity. You cock your head as you deftly graze your canvas with a kaleidoscope¬†paintbrush. Then you go all in and you smash your hands into your creation, swirling the colors into indistinguishable shades. Distracted,¬†you pause to…

little girl painting outside

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Sons, Your mother and I struggle to keep updated photos of our family on the walls. Personally, I have a hard time understanding the custom of decorating your dwelling with pictures of the people who stay there. It’d probably be good for someone suffering from Alzheimer’s, but me- I know what you all look like,…

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The Rage

Sons, Recently I’ve found out that the oldest of you has something inside you I like to refer to as “The Rage.” All three of you might be afflicted with this thing that your mother would begrudge me for failing to mention “definitely comes from dad’s side of the family.” But at this point in…

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The New Kid Dance

Sons, The oldest two of you became “The New Kid” yesterday. Your mother and I made a decision that we thought would be best for you and moved you to the neighborhood public school. We agonized over this choice, and even when we trusted our instincts enough to pull the trigger on the move, there…

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She Laughed a Lot

Sons- I used to know a girl named Kate. She laughed a lot, and sometimes it seemed like she was laughing for no reason. Of course she had a reason, the rest of her friends just didn’t always know what it was. I remember it being so peculiar that instead of being quietly amused at…

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I’m Weird Too.

Sons, “It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson It’s rare that the three of you are serious. When one of you becomes serious, the others drown out your sobriety by elevating their levels of strange until you have no choice but…

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