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Mother’s Day Memory

Sons, You will probably come to resent me for my memory. I remember everything– not photographically, like some cursed souls, but I’ve filed away an absurd amount of meaningless data. It’s a big advantage¬†for storytelling, and terrible disadvantage for forgiveness. I can visualize¬†any of the three of you storming away from me as frustrated tweens,…

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Check Engine

Sons- Sometimes I don’t feel like a man. Let me rephrase. Sometimes I don’t feel very manly. Much better. (Or is it?) On your paternal side, you don’t exactly come from a long line of bookworms. College was mentioned twice in my household growing up. Once because my dad was laughing at a joke I…

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Sons, First things first: Watch the show Hoarders. It’s entertaining, horrifying, and brilliantly cautionary. You do NOT want to be one of the people that has to be restrained while a hazmat team throws out a two decade old deceased pet you wrapped in pages from expired TV Guide magazines and stowed on top of…

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