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Confirmation and Consent

To my kids- Yesterday was gross. Very real issues were caught up in a political theatre in which every participating party had their mind made up going in, and never had any intention of changing. It’s not new. The things we excuse in the name of our tribes, as well as the causes we selectively…

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Dear River

Dear River, Three days ago, the number of people in this world that I would die for increased by one. I love you River. I want you to let that marinate. I have loved you from the very beginning. This is significant because you haven’t done anything yet, you can’t do anything. On paper, it would seem…

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My 30 for 30

Sons, I, along with much of the country, am currently infatuated with an ESPN documentary series titled “30 for 30.” In celebration of ESPN’s 30+ years on the air, the series pairs accomplished filmmakers with unforgettable sports stories to create beautiful revisitations of these important and formative events. In layman’s terms, they’re sweet movies. On…

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