Steve Valdez is the father of a two daughters that think rest is for the weak, and a son that’s perfectly happy to admit he’s one of those weak ones. When he’s not chasing down his daughter, Audrey Rae, playing blocks with his son, Braxton, or trying to get his other daughter, Charlotte, to sleep, Steve has an eclectic group of hobbies that lean toward the nerdier side of things, such as Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, anime, and comic books (specifically of the Batman genre). Steve is a huge baseball fan and follows the Texas Rangers almost as religiously as he follow his actual religion. Steve lives in Troutdale, Oregon, and has been the youth pastor of Harvest Christian Church for five years. Steve married beautiful wife, Jacqui, in 2007, and added Audrey Rae to his family in 2010, Braxton in 2012, and Charlotte in 2014.

Steve Valdez
Steve Valdez


  1. Good day Steve.

    I’m following thedadletters blog and I think is awesome. Is very nice to read good advice in this dark world.

    I’m from Mexico and I really like to do something like this but in spanish, I know that a lot of people in my church do not know English and they can’t read your blog. In fact I think you notice that I don’t know english very well ;).

    I don’t want to take your text and translate it, I read the Copyright notice in the bottom, I just want your permission to use the same idea: a group of parents writing for his childrens. I have a personal blog with christian themes and I want to try something to encourage more brothers to write and I think this is something that can be a blessing to achieve that.

    Keep working, you and your friends are doing an excelent work
    Blessings. Abraham Noriega

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