Daniel Zehring is the father of “a four-year-old forest sprite in human girl form” named Eleanor, and a one year old “pair of infant jowls and adjoined baby boy” named Wesley. Daniel lives in sunny Tempe, AZ– where he met, fell in love with, and got married to his wife Laura eight years ago. Daniel is part of Redemption Church Tempe, and works through a county government organization doing teacher development and evaluation for school districts in downtown Phoenix. Daniel’s previous teaching experience is in special education and math instruction.

Daniel is also a musician, and plays bass in a Tempe rock band called The Trapdoors. His sports allegiance is to soccer, but he is also a committed ASU football fan. Daniel has a long, ongoing list of current and former hobbies including hacky-sack, juggling, unicycle riding, Moped Army affiliation, balancing ladders on his face, lawn care, skateboarding, reading, and cornhole tossing.

Daniel Zehring

Daniel Zehring


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