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Damn the practical

Dear Adeline, Focus. Intention. Peaceful creativity. Bright red, white, green, blue – you swirl and mix these colors with intensity. You cock your head as you deftly graze your canvas with a kaleidoscope paintbrush. Then you go all in and you smash your hands into your creation, swirling the colors into indistinguishable shades. Distracted, you pause to…

little girl painting outside

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When the Cynic Dies

Dear River, Most of us were nervous, a little on edge. A few had moved across the country. All of us had heard the rumors, few believed them to be true. At 9:00 am we nervously sat in black chairs in a gray room and awaited the inevitable  disappointment. It was our first day of “onramping”…

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I know everything about you

Dear Adeline and River, A subtle, dangerous thing happens when you are married for a while. Actually, it goes beyond marriage and extends to all long-term relationships. In the context of a marriage, however, it feels more urgent. What happens is you begin to think you know all there is to know about the other…

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Twinkies in the Desert

Dear Adeline and River, I had a conversation last night that broke my heart and made me angry. Around 9:45 last night I picked up a couple – I’m a Lyft driver on occasion. Let’s call them Sam and Amy. They were talkative, outgoing, and perhaps a touch overbearing. As we drove, a few things…

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Limping to 2015

Dear Adeline and River, Here we are, limping into the new year. This is not how it is supposed to be. December is meant to be full of life, expectation, family, celebration, and fun. Gifts, little kids, pajamas, and late nights culminate on Christmas day. We drink a little too much, laugh a little too much,…

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The Dad Letters: Best of 2014

We want to thank all of you who made our mission (to explain life, love and the absurd to our children, one letter at a time) worthwhile by reading, commenting and sharing your own adventures in parenting with us. 2014 was quite a year. Our five dads added to their families, braved tragedies, moved homes,…

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