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To my kids- It’s been two years since I last wrote you a letter. This website began as an attempt to for my friends and I to explore questions about the passions and politics of fatherhood, commiserate and encourage each other through our shared frailty and fallibility, and most importantly, revel in the joyous absurdity…

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The Burden of Gratitude

To my kids- How do you show gratitude? A simple thank you? With your time? With a gift? Do you pay it forward? Do you view gratitude as a debt, or obligation? Do you view gratitude as an opportunity, or a lifestyle? Do you have to feel grateful to be gracious, or is a matter…

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To my daughter, I’ve been thinking about miracles lately. It’s nearly all I think about. You see, daily, often multiple times a day, people reach out to me to use some variation of the phrase “she’s a miracle.” They’re talking about you. At 13 days old, you stopped drawing breaths, and your heart ceased to…

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