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It’s Getting Better All the Time

Dear Eleanor and Wesley, We are incredibly lucky to live in the place and point in history that we do. I do not have a hard time making this argument. I am bit amazed that the argument even exists. However, there is always someone willing to inflate the evils of any particular moment. The passionate […]

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The Right Time

Dear Eleanor and Wesley, I can be a rather dense human being, but every now and again I will get a good idea. The other day one of these magical creatures jumped into my mind. It was quite obvious and rather simple, both being important qualities for my linear and resolute soul. Your mother and […]

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At My Best, At My Worst

Dear Eleanor and Wesley, Here for your entertainment and argumentative ammo is an admitedly biased reflection on trends I’ve noticed in our life these days. I present to you my top three best and worst times of the week for excellence or awfulness in parenting.  #3 At My Best:   8:30 AM Saturdays This is a […]

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When It Rains

Dear Eleanor and Wesley, Think of the last time that your day-to-day comings and goings were substantially subverted. I’m not talking about a time when your life individually took a turn. I mean a time where large scale, population impacting events randomly and without warning trampled all over your plans, wiping your slate momentarily clean. […]

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Be A Follower

Dear Eleanor and Wesley, The magazine covers, the headlines, and the histories will all sell you on the notion of the singular sensation. We love to lift up the leader and usually just happen to forget everyone else. Actually, you may even have already been pushed to be a leader yourself (probably by me). When […]

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Manhood In Real Life

Dear Wesley, My home town of Scottsdale, AZ is a lot of things: hot, well-manicured, riddled with suburban sprawl, and home to a bazillion golf courses. The carefully cultivated expanses of fairways and greens lined the washes and edged up against the skate parks I often found myself in. At some point, I began to […]

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Life Is A Running Contradiction

Dear Eleanor and Wesley, Life is a running contradiction.  Hurry up and wait.  We’ll get there fast so we can take it slow. There’s no better comfort than an old friend. There’s no greater thrill than a new romance.   Spend more to save more.  Credit equals debt.  Buy now, pay later.  Loan now, learn […]

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3 Teaching Tips

Dear Eleanor and Wesley, I’m a professional teacher. I believe that, given a few parameters, I can teach just about anyone to do just about anything within my scope. I’ve believed that to be true for quite some time. I think it started around 7th grade when I decided to teach every kid who would […]

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Concerning Social Media

Dear Eleanor and Wesley, Let me tell you what happens when I try to do the social media. When I make an attempt, it means about 20 minutes of crafting on a clever 140 character quip, followed by immediate deletion due to excruciatingly dull content and bland delivery. That is 20 minutes of my life […]

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Why Not Me?

Dear Eleanor and Wesley, We have hit a benchmark. Wes has officially and exuberately passed the threshold into Toddlerhood. As I’ve watched you literally learn to stand on your own two feet and wander forward, the physics are astounding. The kinetic energy of your momentum is generated through converting the vast potential energy of your […]

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