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Dear Malin Reese, A couple of Monday’s ago we were having an uneventful night until you decided to show your vagina to the public. We’ll get back to that in a moment but first let’s talk about mirrors. You’ve always loved mirrors. Since you were a baby, you’ve been drawn to them. I don’t have […]

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When Dad Can’t Offer Comfort, Adam Levine Steps In…

Dear Malin Reeese, 12 a.m. on March 12th You woke up an hour ago, coughing like you’d just swallowed a wheat stalk. I was in the next room, trying to figure out what this letter was going to be about. I’d almost committed to writing a scorched earth political rant(about this) when your hack session […]

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Your Greatest Protector Needs To Be You

Dear Malin Reese, Recently, on a flight from Costa Rica to LAX, three guys, all around the same age, sat down in Row 44 of a Boeing 737. The guy who sat in the window seat was tired. He’d just been to Costa Rica on a business trip and was really eager to get home […]

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Your Dad Brings All the Boys to the Yard

Dear Malin Reese, This is a letter about me. This is a letter about feeling validated. Here’s an interesting fact about me; I have never been “picked up” by a woman. Granted, I don’t go out on my own very often, nor am I slipping off my wedding ring and putting out “the vibe”. Plus, […]

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Vaccines, Climate Change and the Voices of Unreason

Dear Malin Reese, I want to have a chat about vaccines. Much like climate change, the Science behind the effectiveness of vaccines is flawed at best. I stand with other anti-vaxxers in the fight against the vaccination-poisoning-complex. As Rand Paul brilliantly said recently, ““I’ve heard of many tragic cases of walking, talking normal children who […]

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Je Suis Charlie

Dear Malin Reese, “I would rather die standing than live on my knees”-Stephane Charbonnier Twelve people were slaughtered in Paris yesterday. Ten of those people worked at a magazine called Charlie Hebdo, a publication that is both famous and notorious for its sharply satirical take on religion, politics and culture. The magazine is decidedly left-wing […]

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The Dad Letters: Best of 2014

We want to thank all of you who made our mission (to explain life, love and the absurd to our children, one letter at a time) worthwhile by reading, commenting and sharing your own adventures in parenting with us. 2014 was quite a year. Our five dads added to their families, braved tragedies, moved homes, […]

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Christmas in Seattle

Dear Malin Reese, I remember when I was about 5(?)-years-old, I stared out the window of my bedroom in desperate search of Rudolph’s red nose. I had just seen the clay-mation version of Rudolph and he seemed like such a nice reindeer. I wanted to give him a big hug and let him know that […]

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On Charity

Dear Malin Reese, Sarah Mclachlan has an impressive set of pipes. She can also pen a song with the best of them. “Possession” is a masterpiece. The Lilith Fair was one of the most successful concert series of the 90’s and she produced it and was the headline act. If I were a 20-something female […]

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When Showing Up Isn’t Enough

Dear Malin Reese, As you draw nearer to two-years-old, your vocabulary skyrockets on a weekly basis. You’re becoming more aware of your physical capabilities and more importantly your limitations. I don’t have any reference point but I also think you are incredibly intuitive for your age. You imitate facial expressions like a mimic savant. Most […]

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