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Wyoming born. Arizona raised. Believer. Husband. Dad. Sports Reporter. Pineapple hater. Trying to live a life of gratitude.

Confirmation and Consent

To my kids- Yesterday was gross. Very real issues were caught up in a political theatre in which every participating party had their mind made up going in, and never had any intention of changing. It’s not new. The things we excuse in the name of our tribes, as well as the causes we selectively…

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To my kids- It’s been two years since I last wrote you a letter. This website began as an attempt to for my friends and I to explore questions about the passions and politics of fatherhood, commiserate and encourage each other through our shared frailty and fallibility, and most importantly, revel in the joyous absurdity…

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The Burden of Gratitude

To my kids- How do you show gratitude? A simple thank you? With your time? With a gift? Do you pay it forward? Do you view gratitude as a debt, or obligation? Do you view gratitude as an opportunity, or a lifestyle? Do you have to feel grateful to be gracious, or is a matter…

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