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The Troutdale Plague

At first, I thought it was just us, that the Valdez family had become a living entity of illness, that viruses came to our home to thrive, grow, and go back into the world stronger than ever.

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Manhood and the Imperial Measurement System

People, mostly other men, will have standards that they’ve raised, or that they’ve been raised to raise, that measure what makes a man “manly”. And let me tell you, the vast majority of them are far more ridiculous than the Imperial Measurement System.

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Seriously, Ask Her More

But when that happens, we forget that there is a person in those clothes, in that dress. A human being with talents, hobbies, joys, fears, and so much more resides in that outfit that garnered your attention.

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Generations of Fathers

And, when you see the way you have taken after me, I pray that you’re as proud as I was this weekend, watching my father be honored.

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On Your Second Birthday

Today’s guest letter comes from Andrew White, father of Liam, husband to Tabby. Andrew and Tabby are expecting a second child this year! Liam, Happy birthday, my little man! Two years ago you introduced yourself to us with a bang. Well, make that two bangs, as you gave your mother two swift kicks, and then […]

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It is an absolute insult, a veritable tragedy, that “love” would be the word most used…

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“You’ve basically become a cat.”

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Goodbye, 2014: A Year In Review

I feel like this year has been one that I will always remember for the struggles we had to overcome, but also for the blessings rained on us.

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I Love Your Mom More Than I Love You

“In the game of parenting, your mother is my teammate, you three are not. Consider yourselves the ball…

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The Blackest of Fridays

Audrey Rae, Braxton, and Charlotte- As Tevye the Dairyman once shouted with fervor, “tradition!” Okay, maybe our tradition isn’t as important to us as Anatevka’s was to him, but I still love it. There is a day in which the Christmas season “officially” begins, and sales that the mind can hardly comprehend come to light […]

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