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Decisions, Decisions

Dear Eleanor and Wesley, I am sorry. It has been a tough month for your future. Recently, our state passed a budget to substantially reduce funding for education. Just yesterday I saw another study that ranks the Arizona education system as 49th out of 50 states based on a cocktail of measures. That means there […]

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Time Is Not The Enemy

Dear Eleanor,   I used to work at the dead-end-iest of dead end jobs that I can imagine. It was my first job, senior year of high school, and easily the worst. The company was The Analytical Group and the position was call center representative. I was the “call you early on a Saturday morning […]

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A Bit Of Humanity

Dear Eleanor and Wesley, In my job there are times when people do not like me very much. Many times. I’m almost never someone’s favorite person to see. I’ve learned not to take it personally. I’m kinda like the dentist. No one is over-joyed to go to the dentist. You go to the dentist because […]

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If It’s Still A Thing

Eleanor and Wesley,   Sometimes I like to imagine what you will be like when you’re older. Sometimes that imagining goes sideways and I end up thinking about older you acting exactly the way you do now. When that happens it is very funny, unless I think about it for real. Then it is terrifying. […]

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White Boys Can’t Nod

Dear Eleanor and Wesley, I came to an amazing revelation this morning sitting down with Wes for breakfast. I was doing what one does with a wiggly toddler who is bereft of language, making dumb faces with over large motions. Eventually you started mimicking my every move, creating the perfect conditions for an experiment. When I shook […]

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More Than Just A Box

Dear Eleanor and Wesley, Which is better, the box or the thing inside the box? I’m convinced that somewhere along the line, the answer changes.  On the tail end of the holiday season we found ourselves nearly buried in the various packagings of the Christmas loot. Toys were scattered everywhere, most of them new. Some […]

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Merry Expectations

Dear Eleanor and Wesley, This morning you rushed into our bedroom with two questions and just one thing on your mind. “Is it a weekend?!” and “Is it Christmas?!” The weekend part is easily explained. “Weekend” is your name for any day that I do not have to go to work. A workday means more […]

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A Jilted Sleepy Bear

Dear Eleanor, For as long as you have been alive you have maintained a stalwart companion. Through the better part of almost five years he has enjoyed a completely different standing from the other mere toys. He has been closer than your favorite dresses, captured your heart more than your most cherished shoes, and even […]

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A Note On Friendship

Dear Eleanor and Wesley, I will only claim two things about Friendship: I don’t understand it and every time I thought I did, it changed. I’ve had a lot of folks whom I have called friends over the years. Some of them were certainly close friends. I’ve even been lucky enough to have a few […]

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It’s Getting Better All the Time

Dear Eleanor and Wesley, We are incredibly lucky to live in the place and point in history that we do. I do not have a hard time making this argument. I am bit amazed that the argument even exists. However, there is always someone willing to inflate the evils of any particular moment. The passionate […]

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