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Dad of a beautiful little girl. Husband to an amazing woman. Son and sibling of a perfectly weird and wonderful family.


Dear Malin Reese, A couple of Monday’s ago we were having an uneventful night until you decided to show your vagina to the public. We’ll get back to that in a moment but first let’s talk about mirrors. You’ve always loved mirrors. Since you were a baby, you’ve been drawn to them. I don’t have…

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Je Suis Charlie

Dear Malin Reese, “I would rather die standing than live on my knees”-Stephane Charbonnier Twelve people were slaughtered in Paris yesterday. Ten of those people worked at a magazine called Charlie Hebdo, a publication that is both famous and notorious for its sharply satirical take on religion, politics and culture. The magazine is decidedly left-wing…

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Christmas in Seattle

Dear Malin Reese, I remember when I was about 5(?)-years-old, I stared out the window of my bedroom in desperate search of Rudolph’s red nose. I had just seen the clay-mation version of Rudolph and he seemed like such a nice reindeer. I wanted to give him a big hug and let him know that…

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