Screen-Shot-2014-05-22-at-2.46.00-PMTo my kids-

It’s been two years since I last wrote you a letter.

This website began as an attempt to for my friends and I to explore questions about the passions and politics of fatherhood, commiserate and encourage each other through our shared frailty and fallibility, and most importantly, revel in the joyous absurdity of trying to raise up young humans.

I can’t speak for everyone that contributed to this website, but I know that my largest purpose has always been to capture moments together, or moments I spent thinking of the world I want for you, and the person I hope you’ll be in that world, and display those moments like immortal lightning bugs in the clearest of jars.

I’ve been reflecting on some of those captured moments in recent weeks:

I never meant to stop writing to you. I needed a respite from the sometimes arduous process of refining and transcribing thoughts about fatherhood, and to redirect that energy into creating in-person memories. Somehow a temporary rest turned into a two year break… one that felt much closer to two weeks. More experienced parents have often told me how fast time begins to move when days are filled familial obligations, and I think I’m finally starting to identify with that advice.

It’s our increasing momentum that made me realize there’s never been more of a need to slow down time and capture these moments together.

It’s time for a revival.

More to follow.

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