If It’s Still A Thing

Eleanor and Wesley,
Sometimes I like to imagine what you will be like when you’re older. Sometimes that imagining goes sideways and I end up thinking about older you acting exactly the way you do now. When that happens it is very funny, unless I think about it for real. Then it is terrifying. At any rate here’s some thoughts on what to do if any of these current toddler/four-year-old trends are still a thing. 


1. Movie Hate – If you still categorically despise all movies, that aren’t Mary Poppins, I suppose that is alright. There are worse fates that could befall you. But if you still refuse to watch Frozen because the snow monster makes you petrified, that is if you still swear off viewing any movies because there is a minimal chance that something bad might happen or someone bad might appear, perhaps it’s time to try one out. Living your life in categorical broadbased fears is never a good thing. I think The Princess Bride would be a great movie to start with.

2. Gymnastics Obsession – If you still cannot get enough of visualizing yourself nailing the landing on every event of the Women’s All Around, perhaps you are on track to Olympic greatness! But on the other hand, mostly likely you’re not. Maybe it’s time to get a new hobby. You’re probably wierding everyone out wearing those gymnastics “Leos” everywhere. 

3. Donut Shop – If you still love sitting down with me for a tasty baked treat I will consider myself one lucky dad. You are never to old to enjoy pink frosting with sprinkles and I will never get tired of sitting across the table from you for a morning chat. Bosa for life. 


1. Extra early mornings – You have an incredible fondness for what I would qualify as extreme early morning. If you have stirred in the slighted, you cannot wait to leap out bed and begin running immediately down the hall. If that is still a thing, more power to you. Get your run on. Right now, stop it. Mom and I want to sleep. 

2. Pre-meal screaming – If you still feel the need to scream for 30 to 45 minutes prior to sitting down to every meal based on a pervasive displeasure with the human experience, there are some bigger problems at play. Seriously, you take hangry to a new level. You will have no friends and be totally unpopular. Let’s see if we can’t nip this one in the bud. 

3. Skateboard Envy  – If you still crave an evening board meeting with me everyday at 5 o’clock, I think that’s awesome. Perhaps you’ll have a board of your own. If my knees still work, we can cruise the hood like we own it. 

In the end, I am very excited to see what kind of people you grow up to be. However, I’ve got no desire to speed things along. Clearly, there are some things I could do without, but deep down in my gut I love being your dad. 



  1. Before I was born, my mum wrote a letter to me about everything the world had to offer, what I might like and what I might not, and of course everything she ever wanted for me. When I was 2 years old, she wrote another letter explaining in quite some detail about how I was in the “terrible twos”, that she still loved me no matter what and so forth. It carried on and still she writes a letter every time she feels like she should, and secures it inside a container for me to read when I’m 40 which is in 8 years. Can’t wait!

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