On Your Second Birthday

Today’s guest letter comes from Andrew White, father of Liam, husband to Tabby. Andrew and Tabby are expecting a second child this year!


Happy birthday, my little man! Two years ago you introduced yourself to us with a bang. Well, make that two bangs, as you gave your mother two swift kicks, and then a midnight soaking of our bed sheets. Seven hours later, after an athletic performance of Olympic proportions put forth by your mother, you came into this world, and I was in love. Since that time, you’ve grown and changed so much.

Over the past two years you’ve put in well over 10,000 road miles following your wacky parents all around the country, flown on 17 different airplanes, put in hundreds of miles on Oregon and Washington trails hiking and backpacking


ecstatically celebrated your beloved “O-H” win a national championship


become obsessed with planes, trains, trucks, and everything transportation, made a best friend (though I think you’re just starting to realize this)


decided that raw salmon and pickled ginger are your favorite foods, followed closely by blue cheese, been a ring bearer in your Aunt Em’s wedding, prohibited your parents from attending dance parties which were apparently exclusive to you and your Aunt Say, embarrassed your parents by referring to both coffee and foxes by a word that I cannot repeat here, tested the rugby theory that you don’t really need a helmet for full force head collisions, proven the theory that there is just something about a boy and his dog (ok, Jessie was never actually your dog but no one could tell otherwise)


have agreed with the rest of the known world that German is in fact the most terrifying of all languages (which explains why you listen to directions given in German but not in English), spent an entire week with your Nonna and Papa, made it clear that all vehicles are inferior to Papa’s truck, figured out the fastest escape route from any diaper change to Dan and Barb, won over the hearts of countless people who we know would take you as their own in a heartbeat, taught us so much about love, and changed our lives forever.

I love you son and can’t wait for the rest of our adventures!


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