The New Kid Dance


The oldest two of you became “The New Kid” yesterday. Your mother and I made a decision that we thought would be best for you and moved you to the neighborhood public school. We agonized over this choice, and even when we trusted our instincts enough to pull the trigger on the move, there was still some trepidation that this would be the event that eventually cements a lifetime filled with juvy stints and therapist bills. I was the new kid several times in my school career. Fifth grade was the very first time I actually started a school year in the same place I had been the year before. Moving schools and making friends can be tough, and your mother and I weren’t sure how you’d handle it.

At the end of the day, we just want to do what’s best without being solely responsible for breaking or ruining you guys.

I had the pleasure of dropping you both off on your first day. Micah, being the oldest, you seemed fine. Some neighborhood girls ran up to you on the playground and gave you a hug, and whisked you off to play. I wasn’t so worried about you making friends, as I know you’ve always got an imagination filled with nonsense to keep you company.

Jett- you I wasn’t so sure about. You’re a kindergartener, so you have your own playground. There’s nobody on our block that’s your age, so you were completely on your own, and I could tell that you were worried. I was too. What happened next blew my mind. Like any modern parent, I recapped the events on social media in order to process what I saw.

Kids can be cruel, but they can also be friendly, gracious, caring, silly, amazing souls. I wanted to capture this moment in case you, or I, ever forget the value of showing a little warmth to a stranger. I’m so thankful that you were made to feel welcome, and while I know that not every day you spend at this new school will be perfect, that one perfect moment of seeing you do the ‘new kid dance’ is enough for me to know you’ll be alright.




  1. PLEASE send this link to both of their teachers. Hopefully Jett’s teacher can share it with the parents of the kids in his class as a sort of, “Good job raising decent humans! Keep up the good work!” They should reinforce that amazing behavior of their kiddos at home! Love to all the Amsden Boys and the hot Momma, too!

  2. Reblogged this on I Think I'm Gonna Ralph and commented:

    I wrote this for The Dad Letters. We switched our kids to a new school this week, and I was pretty nervous about how my kindergartener would handle it. It went better than expected, and provided me with an incredible example of kindness and warmth in the process.

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