When It Rains

Dear Eleanor and Wesley,

Think of the last time that your day-to-day comings and goings were substantially subverted. I’m not talking about a time when your life individually took a turn. I mean a time where large scale, population impacting events randomly and without warning trampled all over your plans, wiping your slate momentarily clean. I guess that could happen all the time in the future, but these days the desert landscape allows us routines of unparalleled resiliancy. Things tend to be smooth for Phoenecians like us and that’s how we like it. Of course there is one significant exception: Precipitation. 

When it rains here people flip out and everyone loses their minds. We become terrible drivers, awful employees, and distractedly distant friends drawn towards this saturating moisture magically falling from the sky. I am not one to trash the state of affairs, and in fact I find it absolutely inspiring. I discovered this because of you two. Last week the rain set records, as the skies dumped over half the quantity of rain we usually see during a full year in just 12 hours. 3.29 inches. Amazing. That is worth flipping out over. 

I had the priviledge to see this transpire through your young eyes. Add some water and the world suddenly became a brand new place. Wes starred up at the clouds, blinking out his wonder as the drops splashed mysteriously onto his face. Ellie crescendoed with unbridled enthusiasm upon discovering that the parking lot down the street was replaced with an improptu lake, perfect for splashing, stomping, and dancing. I can only imagine the sensation of possibility inspired as our dry, dusty landscape transformed into a semi-aquatic wonderland. 

Here in Arizona rain is not normal. Of course us adults were preoccupied with floods, road closures, and cancelled appointments. Some places experienced significant damage, and some people substantial danger. As intense as it all was, it was beyond you two. All that mattered was that this day was not “normal”. The circumstances delightfully conspired to keep us together. It remains a good day to remember. The northwest can keep their cool and collected response to the weather, here in the Southwest I hope we keep losing our minds. 


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