Life Is A Running Contradiction

Dear Eleanor and Wesley,

Life is a running contradiction. 

Hurry up and wait. 
We’ll get there fast so we can take it slow.
There’s no better comfort than an old friend.
There’s no greater thrill than a new romance.
Spend more to save more. 
Credit equals debt. 
Buy now, pay later. 
Loan now, learn then, pay forever. 

Socially liberal, financially conservative.
Socially conservative, logically incoherrent.
Tolerant, except for people like… 
Open-minded, but not well-versed. 

More information, less knowledge.
More googling, less remembering.
More oogling, less happy endings.  
Endless connection in the age of lonliness. 

I am a bit of a liar, honest.
I am an old hand learning new tricks.
I am somewhere between an over-anxious extrovert and a gregarious introvert.  
I am an underweight American. 

I’m your father. 
I’m as confused as anyone. 
I’m doing the best that I can. 
I love you. 


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