The Reveal

Audrey Rae, Braxton Drake, and Charlotte Quinn-

Okay, you know your guys’ names, so this isn’t a big reveal for you. But, if you haven’t noticed this yet, a lot of these letters are on a website, and this is news for the readers.

That’s right, #3, your name is Charlotte Quinn. I absolutely LOVE the name. Don’t tell your siblings this, but it may be my favorite name of the three of you.
What’s that? They’re reading this too? Oh, well, tell them to skip that last part.

Anyway, as I mentioned in a previous letter, we did not come by this name lightly. Something important for me is that you guys are all named something strong, that you can be confident about, that is easy to be used casually but also stands out in a crowd.

What is also important to me is that, in some way, you guys are named after something awesome.

Well, something I think is awesome.

Audrey Rae, you are named for one of my very first (if not my very first) guilty pleasure. When I was about 11 years old, I was a big fan of the anime Sailor Moon. I know, embarrassing, but what can I say, I didn’t know Dragonball Z existed yet, so I watched what was on. Anyway, my favorite character on the show was named Rei Hino (AKA Sailor Mars).

Sailor Mars

I had vowed that my first daughter would share her name, but since there is a camping store named REI, your mom suggested we go with “Rae”. Also, she liked “Audrey” better, so we just combined the names. Rei, in the show, is a headstrong, confident girl. She knows what she wants and works hard to get it. She’s proactive, loyal, and outspoken, and I loved that about her.

Braxton Drake, I had to settle for your middle name being referential, as your mom refused “Drake” as your first name. Timothy Drake is the third and (in my opinion) most capable Robin to even dawn the cape and mask beside Batman.

Tim drake

He became Robin just about the time when I started reading comics, and by the time he had his own monthly, he and I were the same age. I have nearly every Robin comic ever published. Tim is brilliant, compassionate, and a stellar detective, much like his mentor. “Timothy” wasn’t quite unique enough for me, so we went with Drake.

Finally, Charlotte Quinn (I will be calling you “Little Lottie”), you are thrice named for things that I love as well as for women who had the unfortunate circumstance of loving someone who was very difficult to love. In Vampire Hunter D: Bloodust (an anime), Charlotte Elbourne falls for a vampire, but the whole of the world is against their love, as vampires are seen as the epitome of evil creatures.


In The Phantom of the Opera, Christine Daae, also called “Little Lottie”, is conflicted in her emotions for the Phantom, and eventually decides to leave him forever, but not without a farewell kiss.


And lastly, you middle name, Quinn, comes from one Harleen Quinzel, also known as Harley Quinn. Harley is insanely (pun intended) in love with the one and only Joker.

Harley Quinn

All three of these women, for different reasons (some not the best of reasons), would not let love fail them.

I tell you guys this for two reasons. First: to let you know that fiction holds some incredible characters that you can learn things from. All of these characters helped shape who I am today. Second: to let you know how awesome your names are.
Anyway, hope you appreciate your names a bit more now. Love you kids.

            1 Corinthians 1:4



  1. Hahaha. If my kids received names of things I was this passionate about they’d probably be called “Taco, Dr. Pepper and Second Serving of Taco”

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