Lifetime Companions

Audrey Rae and Braxton

Okay, so the two of you and I had some time to ourselves a couple of days ago while your mom was working. Braxton, you were teething, so you were a bit on edge. And by “on edge”, I mean you were liberally taking advantage of a letter I previously wrote you. Audrey Rae, you had decided that this was ample time to personally torture your brother, as if his troubles didn’t number enough at the time.

Sweet sassy molassy, it was a morning.

There are times that you guys really get on each other’s nerves (and, by extension, your mom’s and my nerves). I’m sure that hasn’t changed, siblings inevitably will wear one another down from time to time. But as true as that may be, I hope that you guys remember that you didn’t just annoy one another, but that you also had this:



And this:


You see, guys, despite the fact that you may frustrate one another from time to time, I promise you that you also gave one another joy (and I hope you still do). Siblings are more than just people that bug you just for the fun of it, they’re lifetime companions, they’re people who will always be a part of your life, one way or another. They may be someone you end up abhorring, they may be someone estranged, or they can be an irreplaceable friend.


When your Nino/Uncle T.J. and I were younger, let’s just say that we “clashed” from time to time. In fact, I remember a time where I almost kicked him through a sliding glass window. I remember another time that he scalded me with the metal from a seatbelt that had been sitting in the Arizona sun. I also remember…okay, nevermind, I could go on like this for pages.

My point is that it wasn’t until he left for college and I was in my sophomore year of high school that he and I really started to connect. And over the course of a few years, he has become, not just my brother, but also one of my best friends and closest confidants.

You guys can share that type of friendship as well, and with your soon to come sister.


But don’t wait until you’re in college/high school to build that friendship. Begin to rely on one another now. Talk to each other, exercise mutual hobbies, maybe even go places together.



Over the course of your life, many people will come in and out. School, sports, and other things will help introduce you to many different people, as well as may take some of those people away, but you guys will always be brother and sister.



Please don’t underestimate this. Take advantage of the friend right next to you. Siblings can be that person you see during holidays, or an incredible comrade. Choose that latter, it’s well worth it.


I love you guys.

1 Corinthians 1:4




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