Unexpected Addition

To Our Child of the Future-



Well, we were surprised.

That’s right, child, you are an unexpected addition to our family. And although there were talks of having a third child, we weren’t quite prepared for one so soon. Although you missed it by a couple of months, the term “Irish Twin” has been used.

We’re not quite sure where you’re going to fit right now. Your brother’s room is slightly bigger than your sister’s, but that won’t really make a difference when you’re crying. Bunking children under 4 in the same room doesn’t quite seem ideal. I must admit, we’re not quite prepared for this.

We’re in bit of a transitional time with the church that your mom and I work at. We’ll be moving into a new building soon and there’s a lot of preparation for that transition going on. I really do need to tell you, we’re not quite prepared for this.

You’re due in August. At that time there’s also two youth group camps that I take my students to. It’s easily the busiest time of year for me, so, truly, we’re not quite prepared for this.

This is just the truth of unexpected pregnancies, you’re not quite prepared. But with all of the logistics that need to be worked out, there is one thing that I can promise you:

We are prepared to love you.

Just today I was wrestling with your siblings (good grief, “siblings”. I’m still getting used to this “three kids” thing). Audrey Rae ran up to me as we were playing, wrapped her arms around me, and said, “I get a big hug!” After our embrace, she stepped back and said, “Now it’s Braxton’s turn!” They each got a few turns of this, until finally, Audrey Rae joined a hug that Braxton and I were sharing and exclaimed, “Now we all get big hugs!” As I held your siblings, heart overflowing with love, I thought to myself, “There’s room for one more.

Child, I love you. Right now, before I know your gender or your name, before I know your face or your personality, before I’ve even really met you, I love you more than you’ll be able to even fathom until you have kids of your own. We don’t know where you’ll sleep, we don’t know how much we’ll have to sacrifice, we don’t know exactly what will come but we are still so ready for you to be a part of our family. Anything we may go through will pale in comparison to how important you already are to us.

Welcome to our family, kid.

1 Corinthians 1:4                        


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