I’m directionally challenged


I’m “directionally challenged.”

At one point, I had perfect eyesight. When I was around 25, it started rapidly degenerating. I’d love to blame this problem for my inability to navigate myself through places I have been in/around HUNDREDS of times, but even in my 20/20 days, I’d miss freeway exits and do things like turn a five minute trip into half an hour or more.

Part of it is that I’m never really focused on the task at hand. Another part is the whole “sense of urgency” thing seemed to have skipped me over.

Your mother has gone a long way to show me that many people view punctuality as a primary sign of personal respect. Part of showing up on time is maintaining focus on the feelings of others. She’ll do a better job at teaching this as a life-skill than I will.

The reason I’m writing this to you is that tonight, I managed to get lost attempting to drive across my own city. It was frustrating beyond words, but also a little impressive- I ended up in Bapulche ( reservation land) 10 miles south of town at the Casa Blanca Market, with an empty tank of gas, and a flat tire. To illustrate how off course I was, I drew this map:

I feel like you may face the most clear and present danger of inheriting some of my less than stellar qualities. I can tell you that my lack of attention to detail has made some of the most mundane tasks seem like incredible adventures- but mostly it continues to make the simplest of activities as complicated as ice-skating uphill.

Some men are too prideful to stop and ask for directions when they’re lost. That’s not really my problem- mine is usually that I get so lost that there aren’t people around to ask at my accidental destinations.

I’ve got no advice on how to avoid making the downfalls of this carefree trait part of your daily life, but in case you already have it figured out at four years old, I’ll gladly take any advice you might have.


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  1. My sense of direction is temperamental. I truly could not find a place that is meant to be 15 minutes from my house even though I had a GPS. I am certain it was not there. Talk about frustration! My son was supposed to go to a birthday party at said place.

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