3/24/12: “The real-life national championships of monster-trucking.”

M & J-

I just left the Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas. The real-life national championships of monster-trucking. God Bless America.

Your grandfather and uncle Jade love this stuff. I wouldn’t call them “gearheads,” it’s not like they sit around all day and talk about a Chevy’s piston specs- they just appreciate big machines, loud noises, and the high probability of stuff blowing up. Me? I don’t even know if “Chevy piston specs” are a thing… I mean, they sound like a thing… the anatomy of the combustible engine is a foreign subject to me. Your grandfather pretty much hates that I don’t even have enough respect for this technology to get my car washed more than twice a year. Point is, the apple rolled a little bit away from the tree on this one. My dad and brother are able to bond over motorsports-related subject matter, and while I’ve never been jealous of this, it did feel pretty cool to be included on the invite list when Jade planned what, to him, was probably akin to a pilgrimage to the holy land.

Let me tell you this- we are coming back as a family next year. And the year after. Between the crashes during the freestyle events, the fireworks, the gravity defying jumps, the amazing mullet hairdos, and the fact that my brother caught a free T-shirt (which I can attest never happens), this event was the most entertaining spectacle I’ve ever witnessed. I’ve been to hundreds of concerts, and various major sport playoffs and all-star games- nothing compares. I know I won’t have to sell you on the idea of enormous trucks with names like El Toro Loco, Gravedigger, Predator, and believe it or not, Spiderman, flying around a dirt track and launching themselves hundreds of yards through the air. I’m just sad that I have to wait another 365 days to become the coolest dad on the planet.

Until then, here’s a few photos to hold you over.



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