The responsibility of fanaticism is a lot to deal with

M & J-

It’s football season. I won’t be writing as much as I do the other seven months of the year.

The responsibility of fanaticism is a lot to deal with. You have to convince yourself to align your hopes, dreams, finances and weekends based on criteria that include regional proximity, who you owe most of your student loan debt to (Go Devils!), or even which team you thought had the coolest logo in your formative years. Once you have done this, you have to unconditionally support the owners and players that you identify with on exactly ZERO wavelengths, and simultaneously possess more knowledge than the experts who get paid to analyze these contests despite only playing second-string on JV in high school.

It’s a heavy burden to bear. I mean… I shouldn’t have used “bear,” the Bears suck. I meant that I consider these to be “Cardinal” rules worth following.

Anyway, see you in February.



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