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Dear Malin Reese, A couple of Monday’s ago we were having an uneventful night until you decided to show your vagina to the public. We’ll get back to that in a moment but first let’s talk about mirrors. You’ve always loved mirrors. Since you were a baby, you’ve been drawn to them. I don’t have […]

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Go ahead and ruin Father’s Day

To my kids- It’s Father’s Day. I’ve taken a break from scouring every room of the house in search of your shoes to write you a short letter. As I’m writing this, one of you is standing while you’re eating breakfast despite years of me shouting at you to sit down while you’re at the […]

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Respect, Restraint and Responsibility

To my kids- I’ve written to you about outrage. “We live in an outrage vacuum. Our angers are many, but they materialize and disappear like the vapors of a winter breath. The causes of the moment– political, social, economical or otherwise will demand your attention like opportunistic street market vendors working to free you of […]

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The Burden of Gratitude

To my kids- How do you show gratitude? A simple thank you? With your time? With a gift? Do you pay it forward? Do you view gratitude as a debt, or obligation? Do you view gratitude as an opportunity, or a lifestyle? Do you have to feel grateful to be gracious, or is a matter […]

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Love Your Enemies- A Suns Fan’s Ode to Kobe Bryant

One of the most important things I’ll attempt to impart to you as a father is to love your enemies.

I write this next part with my jaw endearingly clenched, my nostrils affectionately flaring, and my stomach turning with fondness.

I love Kobe Bryant.

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To my daughter, I’ve been thinking about miracles lately. It’s nearly all I think about. You see, daily, often multiple times a day, people reach out to me to use some variation of the phrase “she’s a miracle.” They’re talking about you. At 13 days old, you stopped drawing breaths, and your heart ceased to […]

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It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

Sons- Three years ago this week I walked into work, then walked out 15 minutes later with my things in a box. It stung. I had left a job I loved to jump in at a start up that… uh, didn’t. I was unemployed for three hours before an incredible support system had me sitting […]

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Charleston, prejudice, and what I expect you to do about it

Sons, On a recent flight from Phoenix to Baltimore I set next to a man who was on lifelong disability for injuries, mental and physical, sustained over several military tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. He was nice. He loved that I’m from Wyoming but managed to make it this far in life without ever discharging […]

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How to have a terrible morning, in 10 easy steps:

Sons, In case you’ve ever been having a perfectly decent morning, and were wondering how you might be able to completely ruin it, I put together this list. How to have a terrible morning, in 10 easy steps: 1) Remember that your son has a doctor’s appointment you had previously forgotten about. 2) On your […]

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Fight the Tide

To my oldest son, There comes a time when every boy, on his way to becoming a young man, must try and fight the tide. It may take several battles, or it may take just once, but we all have to come to terms with the fact that the waves aren’t ours to control. Until […]

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