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Your Greatest Protector Needs To Be You

Dear Malin Reese, Recently, on a flight from Costa Rica to LAX, three guys, all around the same age, sat down in Row 44 of a Boeing 737. The guy who sat in the window seat was tired. He’d just been to Costa Rica on a business trip and was really eager to get home […]

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Seriously Ask Her More

Seriously, Ask Her More

But when that happens, we forget that there is a person in those clothes, in that dress. A human being with talents, hobbies, joys, fears, and so much more resides in that outfit that garnered your attention.

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Mean Girls

Sons- I’m not going to pretend to understand women- or that there’s anything universal about women that’s capable of being understood, analyzed and evaluated. All I know for sure, is that girls can be incredibly mean sometimes- and yesterday you got to experience that for yourselves. One of the things we’ve always wanted for the […]

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If It’s Still A Thing

Eleanor and Wesley,   Sometimes I like to imagine what you will be like when you’re older. Sometimes that imagining goes sideways and I end up thinking about older you acting exactly the way you do now. When that happens it is very funny, unless I think about it for real. Then it is terrifying. […]

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Jon Stewart

There’s No Subversion Without The Sacred

Sons- When I was 13 years old, I stole a book called Brain Droppings by George Carlin. Before I get too deep into the message I’m trying to convey here- don’t steal things. I grabbed the book because it had George Carlin on the cover, who had been a staple of the public broadcasting hit […]

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I know everything about you

Dear Adeline and River, A subtle, dangerous thing happens when you are married for a while. Actually, it goes beyond marriage and extends to all long-term relationships. In the context of a marriage, however, it feels more urgent. What happens is you begin to think you know all there is to know about the other […]

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Your Dad Brings All the Boys to the Yard

Dear Malin Reese, This is a letter about me. This is a letter about feeling validated. Here’s an interesting fact about me; I have never been “picked up” by a woman. Granted, I don’t go out on my own very often, nor am I slipping off my wedding ring and putting out “the vibe”. Plus, […]

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Generations of Fathers

And, when you see the way you have taken after me, I pray that you’re as proud as I was this weekend, watching my father be honored.

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On Your Second Birthday

Today’s guest letter comes from Andrew White, father of Liam, husband to Tabby. Andrew and Tabby are expecting a second child this year! Liam, Happy birthday, my little man! Two years ago you introduced yourself to us with a bang. Well, make that two bangs, as you gave your mother two swift kicks, and then […]

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Vaccines, Climate Change and the Voices of Unreason

Dear Malin Reese, I want to have a chat about vaccines. Much like climate change, the Science behind the effectiveness of vaccines is flawed at best. I stand with other anti-vaxxers in the fight against the vaccination-poisoning-complex. As Rand Paul brilliantly said recently, ““I’ve heard of many tragic cases of walking, talking normal children who […]

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