bachelor-party-1 April 17

Buddha, Bachelor Parties And Pole Dancing

Dear Malin Reese, This weekend I’m partaking in my first official Bachelor Party down in Portland, Oregon. Portland was chosen because apparently it has a seedy side to it that Seattle can’t offer. Essentially I’ve been told that Portland is Seattle’s dirty, morally-ambiguous stepbrother. I’ll be roaming the city’s undercarriage with 25-30 other guys. I’m […]

irony April 15

On Irony and Eternity

“He has turned from tiny steps towards nothingness and begun leaping towards eternity.” – “David Foster Wallace was right: Irony is ruining our culture” on by Matt Ashby and Brendan Carroll Dear Eleanor and Wesley, …tiny steps towards nothingness… Do you know what we need way more of? People saying things that they don’t […]

loud-noise April 13

5 Types of People to Turn Down

Dear Adeline, Concerts are fun. They are also deafening. Hence the reason we don’t live at concerts. Some folks are like concerts. They are loud and fun. Other are more like Nickelback concerts – loud and horrible. Regardless, it’s sometimes necessary to turn their volume down. The following types of people are like concerts: *Note: […]

Ralph Amsden, Pineapple April 10

Underestimation = Motivation

Sons- I learned a harsh lesson last week. Underestimation = Motivation. In 4th grade I had a teacher named Mr. Stanton. On the first day of school he introduced himself, talked a bit about his personal interests, then told the students he hated the color purple. For some reason, we clung to that last little […]

baby yoga April 08

What Is In a Name?

To our third child- Guess what, you’re a girl! Well, I guess you already knew that. But we just found out. The ultrasound was amazing. You were very active, giving us some great pictures, including one that we called “baby yoga” where you were folded over on yourself completely, knees to mouth.   The gal […]

20130728-084321.jpg April 06

YouTube Inspires a Letter to My Imaginary Daughter

Our guest post today is from Dan Locke, father to two boys, Samuel and Peter (with another on the way). Dan is the children’s pastor at Broadway Christian Church. He and his wife, Jessica, live in Mesa, AZ. This is his third post for The Dad Letters. You can view his other posts HERE and […]

Typewriter-Chapter-One April 03

Unfinished Business

Dear Malin Reese, One of the last writing projects I did to finish out my Creative Writing degree was to complete a feature length screenplay for my 400 level Screenwriting class. I’d never written in that medium before but it was a liberating experience. There was none of the glitz and glamour of prose but […]


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