IMG_0196.JPG October 29

It’s Getting Better All the Time

Dear Eleanor and Wesley, We are incredibly lucky to live in the place and point in history that we do. I do not have a hard time making this argument. I am bit amazed that the argument even exists. However, there is always someone willing to inflate the evils of any particular moment. The passionate […]

streetfighter October 26


Dear Adeline and River, I am ridiculously good at Street Fighter II. I have yet to find another human being who can consistently beat me. The computer-controlled fighters present the only consistent challenge. In Street Fighter II, you can raise and lower the difficulty. One difficulty star means the challenger stands there and picks his […]

malin2 October 24

When Showing Up Isn’t Enough

Dear Malin Reese, As you draw nearer to two-years-old, your vocabulary skyrockets on a weekly basis. You’re becoming more aware of your physical capabilities and more importantly your limitations. I don’t have any reference point but I also think you are incredibly intuitive for your age. You imitate facial expressions like a mimic savant. Most […]

etiquette October 21

“I Said ‘Please’, The Magic Word That Means I Get What I Want” And Other Lies I May Have Accidentally Taught You

The extent that we have lost the true purpose of these words has hit me harder than I thought it would. I sat and thought for a while about how you could have come to this conclusion, but the more I thought about it, it was a wonder that I ever thought you could have come to any other conclusion.

claytonst931927 October 17

The Let Down

Sons- I was a junior in high school the first time I read James Joyce’s Araby. At its core, it’s a short story about a boy in early 1900’s Dublin who likes a girl, and wants to get her a gift from the bazaar (street market). In the end, the bazaar isn’t what he thought […]

IMG_0191.JPG October 14

The Right Time

Dear Eleanor and Wesley, I can be a rather dense human being, but every now and again I will get a good idea. The other day one of these magical creatures jumped into my mind. It was quite obvious and rather simple, both being important qualities for my linear and resolute soul. Your mother and […]

river_2 October 12

Why River?

Dear River, I recently viewed a documentary about three men who traveled to Iceland to kayak over waterfalls. They conquered angry rapids, shattered multiple limbs, and generally kicked a tremendous amount of ass. It was awesome. It also tugged my heart. As I watched, I compared my life to theirs. I first marveled at the realities of […]

Parenthood - Season 4 October 09

A Hug Before the Lecture

Dear Malin Reese, We flew back to Arizona this past weekend. It was a great trip, punctuated by a family get together that included your three cousins. For a brief moment I felt a pang of guilt that we’ve made the decision to raise you so far from your cousins and grandparents. But then, I […]

sad-man October 07

A Weak Moment

Audrey Rae, Braxton, and Charlotte- I need to make two things very clear right now. I love you guys an indescribable amount. You will never fathom how much I love you until you have kids of your own. I need you to leave me alone right now. Seriously, go away. Go play in your respective […]

IMG_0189.JPG October 01

At My Best, At My Worst

Dear Eleanor and Wesley, Here for your entertainment and argumentative ammo is an admitedly biased reflection on trends I’ve noticed in our life these days. I present to you my top three best and worst times of the week for excellence or awfulness in parenting.  #3 At My Best:   8:30 AM Saturdays This is a […]


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