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Porn Kills Love


It is an absolute insult, a veritable tragedy, that “love” would be the word most used…

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The Rage

Sons, Recently I’ve found out that the oldest of you has something inside you I like to refer to as “The Rage.” All three of you might be afflicted with this thing that your mother would begrudge me for failing to mention “definitely comes from dad’s side of the family.” But at this point in […]

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On Criminals

Sons, The Bible says that Jesus was joined in crucifixion by two men. One to his right, and one to his left. All three men were condemned to die slow, painful deaths while put on display by abusive authority figures for the benefit of bloodthirsty onlookers. One of the condemned men, seemingly oblivious to his own similar predicament, echoed […]

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More Than Just A Box

Dear Eleanor and Wesley, Which is better, the box or the thing inside the box? I’m convinced that somewhere along the line, the answer changes.  On the tail end of the holiday season we found ourselves nearly buried in the various packagings of the Christmas loot. Toys were scattered everywhere, most of them new. Some […]

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The New Kid Dance

Sons, The oldest two of you became “The New Kid” yesterday. Your mother and I made a decision that we thought would be best for you and moved you to the neighborhood public school. We agonized over this choice, and even when we trusted our instincts enough to pull the trigger on the move, there […]

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“You’ve basically become a cat.”

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Je Suis Charlie

Dear Malin Reese, “I would rather die standing than live on my knees”-Stephane Charbonnier Twelve people were slaughtered in Paris yesterday. Ten of those people worked at a magazine called Charlie Hebdo, a publication that is both famous and notorious for its sharply satirical take on religion, politics and culture. The magazine is decidedly left-wing […]

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She Laughed a Lot

Sons- I used to know a girl named Kate. She laughed a lot, and sometimes it seemed like she was laughing for no reason. Of course she had a reason, the rest of her friends just didn’t always know what it was. I remember it being so peculiar that instead of being quietly amused at […]

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6 Rules For Marrying a Sports Fan

Sons- Today is a tense day in our household. The Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers are both set to play separate games in the Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs. Your mother is from Pennsylvania, and the ring I gave her when I asked her to be my partner in life ranks #7 on […]

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Ryan Eland

Limping to 2015

Dear Adeline and River, Here we are, limping into the new year. This is not how it is supposed to be. December is meant to be full of life, expectation, family, celebration, and fun. Gifts, little kids, pajamas, and late nights culminate on Christmas day. We drink a little too much, laugh a little too much, […]

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