20140721-232758-84478398.jpg July 21

3 Teaching Tips

Dear Eleanor and Wesley, I’m a professional teacher. I believe that, given a few parameters, I can teach just about anyone to do just about anything within my scope. I’ve believed that to be true for quite some time. I think it started around 7th grade when I decided to teach every kid who would […]

Adeline_path July 20

My Giggly, Frilly, Spiritual Wrecking Ball

Adeline, I thought I would develop a clearer understanding of God as a father after I became a dad. That’s partially true. In reality, I am often more confused about God since I became your father. Here are some things I thought I had figured out before you crashed into my life like a giggly, […]

GirlsHug July 17

All Girls and No Boys Makes Daddy Crazy… Happy?

Today’s guest letter comes from Chris Wiley, father of Lilah and Norah. Chris resides in Chandler, Arizona with his wife, Rachel. Lilah and Norah – You two light up my life like this over-used cliché. You’re both beautiful, fun, smart, and joys to be around – most days, anyway. But, there is something neither of […]

binky July 15

The Desperate Search

*A “binky” is a pacifier, if you don’t know* Braxton- Where in the name of all that is good are your binkies? I swear there are gremlins or something that are constantly hiding these things. All I can think of right now is Madeline Kahn in Clue saying “flames…flames, on the side of my face…” […]

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 9.55.21 AM July 13

I Just Wanted to Let You Know That I Saw a Toad

Sons, When I started to form this letter in my mind, the three of you were passed out in the backseat of our small car. We had just spent four days cooling off in the mountains of Colorado, and now, under the cover of night, I was trying to see how much of the 12 […]

Mark-Rothko-No-14-1960-7893 July 10

Upon Further Reflection

Dear Malin Reese, You know from a previous letter that I received my degree in Creative Writing, which is really the best explanation as to why I work in Sales/Marketing. Turn out an English Degree pigeonholes you into becoming a teacher… or a teacher. I almost did just that a couple of months after you […]

20140708-003018-1818293.jpg July 08

Concerning Social Media

Dear Eleanor and Wesley, Let me tell you what happens when I try to do the social media. When I make an attempt, it means about 20 minutes of crafting on a clever 140 character quip, followed by immediate deletion due to excruciatingly dull content and bland delivery. That is 20 minutes of my life […]

moby-dick-1 July 06

There She Blows

Adeline, Relentless. Such is life. And dissatisfaction of the soul is often the collateral damage of this relentless life. My dear, I fear that you have been lied to. You’ve been led to believe the myth of the arrival. You believe that there is some thing, some person or some achievement that will usher in […]

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 5.10.01 PM July 02

Your Dad, The Gamer

Today’s Guest Letter comes from Christopher Rakowsky. Chris an AI programmer in the video game industry who has worked on titles like Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto V. He’s an avid gamer, comic and non-comic book reader, movie and music lover as well. At home he’s a husband to his wife of five […]

hello-my-name-is July 01

The Reveal

Audrey Rae, Braxton Drake, and Charlotte Quinn- Okay, you know your guys’ names, so this isn’t a big reveal for you. But, if you haven’t noticed this yet, a lot of these letters are on a website, and this is news for the readers. That’s right, #3, your name is Charlotte Quinn. I absolutely LOVE […]


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