IMG_0186.JPG September 16

When It Rains

Dear Eleanor and Wesley, Think of the last time that your day-to-day comings and goings were substantially subverted. I’m not talking about a time when your life individually took a turn. I mean a time where large scale, population impacting events randomly and without warning trampled all over your plans, wiping your slate momentarily clean. […]

IMG_3926 September 14

Be There

Sons, I want to share a short story with you, that has an important point. The terrorist attacks of 9/11 happened on a Tuesday, which were the days we had FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) meetings in high school. I was president that year, and the principal approached me about moving our meeting to the […]

We Are N September 09

A Touchy Subject, Part Two: We Are “N”

See part one here. Audrey Rae, Braxton, and Charlotte- Kids, being religious can be very difficult. From the get go, religion is a touchy subject. People will often see you very differently when they learn of your faith. Suddenly you’re seen through a lens that is their opinion of that faith. Questions, spoken and unspoken, […]

coexist September 04

A Touchy Subject, Part One: I Don’t Think We Should Coexist

Audrey Rae, Braxton, and Charlotte- I don’t think we should “coexist”. Let me explain. There’s a bumper sticker that’s on the back of a lot of cars these days (especially here in the Portland area) that depicts the word “coexist”, but, in substitution for the letters, various symbols are used. It began with a mix […]

IMG_0182.JPG September 02

Be A Follower

Dear Eleanor and Wesley, The magazine covers, the headlines, and the histories will all sell you on the notion of the singular sensation. We love to lift up the leader and usually just happen to forget everyone else. Actually, you may even have already been pushed to be a leader yourself (probably by me). When […]

IMG_1892 August 31

Dear River

Dear River, Three days ago, the number of people in this world that I would die for increased by one. I love you River. I want you to let that marinate. I have loved you from the very beginning. This is significant because you haven’t done anything yet, you can’t do anything. On paper, it would seem […]

Oddball_small August 28

Oddballs All Around You

Dear Malin Reese, Standing in line at a coffee shop can be a fascinating experience. For instance, yesterday I stood behind a red head with dreadlocks. I’ve never understood dreadlocks on white people. It seems like an insult to Rastafarian’s. Anyways, the fact that he smelled like ripe mold didn’t distract me from the dying […]

IMG_4366 August 27


Sons- I want to tell you a short story about something we did tonight before I explain why we did it. Your mother and I took two expired coupons to Carl’s Jr. Not only were they nine days past their expiration date, they had the stipulation that only one could be used per visit. She […]

hear-no-evil-speak-no-evil-see-no-evil August 21

The Things I Don’t Tell You

Sons, There are times that I don’t feel like writing you a letter. These are usually the times when I don’t like who I am, or where my head’s at. My goal with these letters is sometimes to teach, other times to inspire. Sometimes I just want to entertain or make you chuckle, but I […]

IMG_0174.JPG August 19

Manhood In Real Life

Dear Wesley, My home town of Scottsdale, AZ is a lot of things: hot, well-manicured, riddled with suburban sprawl, and home to a bazillion golf courses. The carefully cultivated expanses of fairways and greens lined the washes and edged up against the skate parks I often found myself in. At some point, I began to […]


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